Curated 12-week experience led by mentors from the Greenville community.

Greenville Codes uses the freeCodeCamp online curriculum to create a free part-time, flexible format that you can fit into a your busy schedule. You need to commit 15 hours a week total including attending an in-person meetup once a week for 2 hours.

If you want to learn more about freeCodeCamp check it out online and attend the freeCodeCamp Greenville meetup which meets weekly. Anyone can start learning today with the self-paced format.

2019 Session

Our Fall Session will offer mentor -led study groups for freeCodeCamp’s Javascript Algorthims and Data Structures Certification. We’ll start taking applications for our Fall session in July. If you haven’t started freeCodeCamp, get started on it today!

You should complete at least the Basic HTML and HTML5 section of freeCodeCamp before submitting an application. TIP: Make sure you create a login to save your progress.

More details on the enrollment requirements will be posted soon! In the meantime connect with the freeCodeCamp Greenville group where we’ll be announcing updates.

Self-Paced Learning

freeCodeCamp logoThe online curriculum and community provided by freeCodeCamp is available for free and is a great resource for everyone. If your schedule can’t accomodate a 15 hours per week time commitment to enroll in the Greenville Codes 12-week session, you can pursue the same skills at your own pace.

The freeCodeCamp Greenville group meets weekly in an open format that provides support and community for self-paced learners.